How to clean moly fouling?
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How does one correctly remove moly fouling?
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I've heard Acetone on a patch is quite effective.
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Moly deposits will generally clean right up w/ Hoppes No. 9 or simialr solvents. Truth of the matter is that there should not be any moly fouling other than a so called ring build up I have heard others speak of w/constant use?? Never had that problem myself, but usually a dry patch through the bore will take out any excess residue. Others may have better suggestions.
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I shoot molys in my 22-250 and swift and I usually wait untill I've put about 200 rounds thruogh and then run 3 or 4 patches with Kroil on them and then take a wire brush and wind a clean patch around it and rub in J.B. bore cleaner on it and make about 10 or 12 passes then follow with Kroil soaked patches followed by clean patches until clean... some people will fire a fowling round just because it's tradition I think but if your barrel is tight you really shouldn't need it.... not the only way to do it just the way i do it... BOOM

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I remove molly with JB on a patch wrapped around a brush.I short stroke for awhile and then with a solvent soaked patch to remove the JB.I repeat the procedure and then again if the rifle is fired many times without cleaning.Sometimes,but very rarely,I use JB Bore Shine to polish her up.I did this today on my Lott.
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