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Zimbabwe: Leopard, Buffalo and Tuskless with Charlton McCallum Safaris

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08 September 2021, 00:56
Zimbabwe: Leopard, Buffalo and Tuskless with Charlton McCallum Safaris
Had a great 21 days in Dande North and Dande East with CMS. Full detailed hunt report with tons of pics is here:

Here are some pics for those that just want to see a summary.



Tuskless Elephant

08 September 2021, 02:54
The Norwegian
Congrats sir and thanks for sharing. Nice rifle Wink


The more I know, the less I wonder !
08 September 2021, 03:21
Nice! And great to see a lefty double
08 September 2021, 05:08
Nice animals. Been to both. Great areas, great outfitter. Also nice to see a lefty double.

JEB Katy, TX

Already I was beginning to fall into the African way of thinking: That if
you properly respect what you are after, and shoot it cleanly and on
the animal's terrain, if you imprison in your mind all the wonder of the
day from sky to smell to breeze to flowers—then you have not merely
killed an animal. You have lent immortality to a beast you have killed
because you loved him and wanted him forever so that you could always
recapture the day - Robert Ruark

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08 September 2021, 14:01
Carl Frederik Nagell
Great hunt. Thanks for sharing. Hunted Dande several times. Reading your report brings back good memories.

Good Hunting
Carl Frederik
08 September 2021, 17:06
Well done! Dande is a great area.
08 September 2021, 18:44
Todd Williams

I see you got your leopard with a double as well. I'm envious. I took my lion with a double back in 2012 with CMS and although I've take a couple of leopard, I want to do so with my double. Tried in 2013 in combo with an ele bull but as is the case sometimes, the bull took more time than we thought and we just didn't have enough time to properly pursue Mr. Spots. I definitely need to try again with the double.

Congrats on an awesome hunt.
09 September 2021, 00:40
Congratulations on a great hunt!


"Build a man a fire, and he'll be warm for a day. Set a man on fire, and he'll be warm for the rest of his life." Terry Pratchett.
09 September 2021, 04:23
Tim Herald
Congrats on a great hunt !

Good Hunting,

Tim Herald
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10 September 2021, 04:51
Michael Robinson

You may have rewritten the book on hunting with a double rifle.

Your scoped Heym is clearly a great rifle, and your use of it was exemplary.

Love that leopard!


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10 September 2021, 23:15

Though, @Todd Williams videos shooting game at distance with a 9.3x74R double is what inspired me to try it as well.
11 September 2021, 05:07
Todd Williams
Glad you enjoyed those videos.

I love hunting with doubles!!
12 September 2021, 07:04
Great write up! Really appreciate it. I leave with a couple buddies on Monday with CMS.
13 September 2021, 19:08
Glad to see it posted Andy, it looks like you had a blast!


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- Robert Ruark, Horn of the Hunter, 1953

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23 September 2021, 16:11

J. Lane Easter, DVM

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