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Father-Son Eland Hunt - Namibia

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04 June 2015, 07:29
Father-Son Eland Hunt - Namibia
A great hunt again and another spectacular writeup.

I enjoyed the detail(s) and especially the zebra and herd portion. Certainly something that I didn't know.

If you don't mind, where did you get the gaiters? I looked all over DSC and didn't see any, nor online either. My wife and daughter are horse girls - but I don't want to be wearing those lol. I had thought of stopping at the outfitting store in Windhoek to look for some. Texas Hunt Co had the nylon ones previously.

I hadn't been long thinking about your comments on the Winchester EWs too. Mine shoots very well - and in fact I am going to sell some other Winchesters and look for another EW myself. I had thought about having HCR restock one in a McMillan, and while that is nice, there is nothing wrong with the stock on the EW.

Thank you again.
09 June 2015, 16:28
I bought mine from Boyt and they were not that good. My son got his at a sporting goods store in Windhoek and they were perfect. I suggest getting them from the outfitter if possible.

I really am liking the extreme weather version of the Model 70. I have used mine on 3 hunts with zero issues. I may have the stock painted a different color for each safari just for fun...
09 June 2015, 19:44
Just an outstanding report. Really whets my appetite to go back to Namibia. I like the way you and your son hunted, and the way the PHs counseled you on which game to take. Sounds like a real stand-up outfitter.

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09 June 2015, 21:12
I was exceptionally pleased that they are the kind of folks that really hunt the proper way. I would encourage others to follow suit. We could have taken 20 animals if we had chosen to hunt from the truck or just shoot. I prefer it the way we did It.
09 June 2015, 23:39
Thank you about the gaiters - - and on the EW rifle stock I too had thought about getting mine painted. After I get the second one in where I can rotate them through. Cool idea on the every hunt paint scheme too.
11 June 2015, 18:01
chilcotin hillbilly
First class write up Ross. Great trip and congats to your son on his achievement!

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11 June 2015, 18:12
Congratulations great hunt
12 June 2015, 18:50
Aaron Neilson
Ross, you're reports are generally the best on AR. Well written, very well organized with good paragraph separation so one can easily read it, and of course a lot of good photos too.

Congrats on a great hunt man, glad all went well for you and your son!!!!!

Aaron Neilson
Global Hunting Resources
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06 July 2015, 21:34
Another excellent report - thanks for sharing.

Your son used a 375 - what were the various distances your son shot his trophies?
07 July 2015, 10:33
Thanks for the great report and photos, great stuff and fine trophies hunted the right way. A mate here in Australia and myself, along with both our wives, are booked in for the exact same week in 2016 so I took particular interest in your report.

My mate is after a long-awaited Eland and myself a Kudu, along with Oryx, Springbuck and a few others. I cannot wait!


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07 July 2015, 17:43
Originally posted by Double00:
Another excellent report - thanks for sharing.

Your son used a 375 - what were the various distances your son shot his trophies?

Closest shot was 80 yards, longest was 270 yards on an eland. He had no trouble with it.
07 July 2015, 17:45
You all with love the hunting and your wives will love the location/accomodations and food.
You will see a lot of game and have a great trip.
07 July 2015, 19:50
DC, I've hunted Kowas myself, and still keep in touch with Dani, Ansi and Jaques, and have recommended their ranch to many other hunters. Did you go to another part of the Conservancy to hunt Eland? Last time I was there, they didn't have them resident on their ranch.
08 July 2015, 00:18
They have a resident eland herd now of app 50 IIRC. I saw them a few times in April.
08 July 2015, 02:23
We hunted them in two places on the Conservancy. They have some on their home place, but they were letting them grow a bit bigger. We saw them a couple of times.