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Cheap Lehigh Bullets

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20 July 2020, 11:32
The Maz
Cheap Lehigh Bullets
Lehigh is dumping some 775 grain match solids at a buck each.

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testa virtus magna minimum
19 October 2020, 07:35
I purchased 240 of these projectiles and want to buy more at that price point.

Have not loaded any yet but will before Spring after putting on a new modified twist 38" SS K&P barrel.

Currently using a 1:14 twist SS K&P barrel but want to investigate over-stabilization with the 775 and the 808 grain brass solids I normally use for FCSA Competitions. I have a 1:13 barrel on order and a friend has a 1:12 twist SS K&P barrel on order.

I will machine all barrels identical with a new modified reamer of our design. I and experimenting with my used CM Feddersen 32" 1:15 twist barrel to made a barrel nut similar to a Savage that will allow assembly with my master GO gage to obtain similar headspace conditions.

Thank you for welcoming me to this Forum - I am a FCSA Member on the FCSA Forum also as "Oldman" with 4000+ postings.

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