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I bought a Noreen ULR 50 BMG almost two years ago from CDNN. The rifle never shot well at all and deteriorated over the round count. This deer season it went totally wonkers and after the last round I saw the brake had rotated 45 degrees. Upon loosening the lock nut it was obvious the threads were grossly undersize because you could rock the brake 1/8 of an inch back and forth on the threads. Thinking it was out of warranty I took to a local guy yo cut and re-thread the barrel but the action screw was too long and had peened the barrel threads so badly we were afraid dismounting it would gall the receiver.

Earlier I had broken the bolt handle off (these shell-holder guns have very poor primary extraction) and a stub of 2 x 4 is a necessary range tool. The handle on mine was hollow and screwed over a 1/2" diameter allen screw which had snapped. I was able to dig the stub out of the bolt handle and re-attach it with the intent to have a solid handle made after I solved the accuracy issue.

At this point I figured warranty period or not, Noreen had some corrections to make and thankfully they agreed. They did a great job, going over and above what would be considered their minimum obligation.

The barrel was corrected and muzzle brake replaced with a newer design. The entire bolt body and handle assembly was replaced with an upgraded solid handle unit. The Timney trigger was also tuned better. The action is much smoother to operate with much lighter effort than before. Prior to this cocking was pretty stiff even on an empty chamber.

Turnaround was about three weeks. I can't speak to how it shoots until after Memorial day when I get to the range but knowing the brake was cocked and that these rifles otherwise have a decent rep for accuracy I'm expecting good results.

It's a shame the gun came out of their shop in that condition but s**t happens and they made it good plus some more.
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It's great to see a Company stand behind their stuff, it seems to me that less Companies are doing that these days.


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