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Funny .50-Cal Story
one of us
A few weeks ago, my fiancee and I hit the range, and I was doing some pressure measurements on my State Arms Rebel while she plinked away at a steel gong with the AR. After a little while, the club's president came up to check us out and then said "wow".

A week later, she got her official orientation to the club, and the president was asked about caliber limits, and replied "Nope. Last week there was a member with a .50 caliber and all kinds of computers hooked up to it..."

Then Bethy raised her hand and said "Yeah, that was us..."

Guess that makes me "that guy" in a good way!

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I'm sure you already know it but you have got yourself a good one! Congrats!

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Sometimes it's good to be "that guy".
This is one of them.

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Some people have all the luck. My club does not allow 50BMG. I proposed a change to the rules to allow reduced loads with silencers, but they said no. They said they could not trust people to follow the rules. A year later I tried to speak about another 50 cal proposal and was denied a chance to speak.


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