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260 Remington Encore Recommendations Wanted

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14 November 2011, 17:30
260 Remington Encore Recommendations Wanted
I am in the process of thinking through options for a 260 Remington Encore, both rifle and pistol. Please feel free to suggest other experience based options than those listed below.


Bullberry or EABCO is the first question. The Bullberry hanger seems like a good way to go, but will limit stock otions. EABCO says they don't lap barrels, Bullberry says the Wilson barrels are lapped. Any thoughts on these two barrel makers as options.

Barrel specs?

For the 260 Remington, any thoughts on twist rate and barrel length for both pistol or rifle barrels? I am being told 15" with the pistol and 20" the rifle. EABCO likes a 1 in 8 twist, Bullberry a 1 in 9.

Probably not going to add a brake due to desire for less noise in hunting situations. Will this prove a wise decision or is the pistol recoil fairly tame with the 260?


Considering the QRW mount. EABCO pushes Bushnell and Bullberry likes Burris, both variable. Either one of these brands would constitute my first non-Leupold scope.

Load inter-compatibility?

Currently loading 120 Nosler BTs with 47.0 gns of RL-19 for my kid's 260. Any thoughts as to how this load will work in the Encore pistol or rifle? Don't see much on RL-19 out there, but it works great in their Ruger.

All opinions welcomed. Hope this doesn't open too big a can of worms. Bottom line, I really like the 260 Remington, and want to build up some very good equipment! Thanks in advance.
20 November 2011, 05:36
I have a few opinions:

1. Match Grade Machine would get my business.

2. I would go with a 14 or 15 inch barrel.

3. You don't need a brake.

4. I like Warne QD rings/bases for rifles and they would probably work fine with a relative low recoil round like the 260 Remington.

5. I wouldn't get a Burris or Bushnell scope. My preference is Leupold.

6. Your rifle load will probably work fine in a pistol.
21 November 2011, 05:11
For a handgun I like the Burris 2-7 Posilock w/ballisticplex? reticle. I would do a 16.5" barrel so you can interchange it pistol or rifle. I would also use MGM.
22 November 2011, 17:15
I would go with MGM as well


23 November 2011, 21:53
Bobby Tomek

MGM base with Warne rings.

Your current load will likely work just fine with perhaps just a bit of tweaking.

I prefer a 1:8 but 1:9 has worked fine for me as well.

You can always set up a forend with a hanger bar later on if you want it, and there are several options for nice stocks you can check out. Dave Dolin on the east coast and Tony G's would be the top choices in my books for a custom forend.

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22 November 2016, 08:10
Another thumbs up for MGM. Every barrel I have bought from them would put 5 shots under MOA.
29 November 2016, 09:21
I have one. Haven't used it on a while because you can't hunt in N.E. California without waiting 10 years for a draw, but it was deadly on antelope a decade ago. It's actually a factory TC barrel (a little light for my taste). It's 15" CM, but I stripped and put a satin black duracoat finish on it. (They call it matte, but it still has a slight sheen to it). No brake. I lapped it well with JBs. I have standard weaver type mount and leupold QR rings and 2x7 burris. It shoot better than I can: 3 shot groups are 1-1.5" consistently with almost any load and bullet weight through 125 nosler PT. I've not tried anything heavier; no need.
07 December 2016, 07:58
Slowpoke Slim
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25 June 2017, 11:38
Can anyone explain how to use a 16.5inch barrel as pistol or rifle please?
Thanks Aaron
26 June 2017, 00:49
Bobby Tomek
Aaron-Since it is legal rifle length, you can simply replace the pistol grip with a conventional buttstock.

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The most important thing in life is not what we do but how and why we do it. - Nana Mouskouri

26 June 2017, 01:35
Thanks Bobby but what is the legal pistol max length? Thanks Aaron
06 September 2017, 08:14
Originally posted by 3006va:
Thanks Bobby but what is the legal pistol max length? Thanks Aaron

A little late but there is no maximum length
30 November 2017, 04:32
This really doesn't answer any of your concerns, but it is just a real life observation. My daughter, using a T3 Tikka in .260 Rem, loaded with Federal Premium Sierra Game Kings, shot a nice heavy, for our area, 8 point Whitetail Sat. evening. She hit him in heart area, and he didn't take a step, collapsed right there. Game King bullet did not exit. not recovered.

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