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7MM-08 Contender

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18 January 2015, 19:27
Trapper 30-30
7MM-08 Contender
Looking for a good load for a new 7MM-08 contender using 120 or 140 BT. Hunting deer and bear in Adirondacks MTs NYS.
18 January 2015, 22:05
Hopefully you don't have a 7mm/08 "Contender." The pressure of that cartridge is too high for a Contender.
19 January 2015, 05:59
Hope you have 7-08 in an Encore, NOT Contender.

IF perchance you have a Contender barrel chambered in 7-08 you had better team up with an experienced reloader and keep the loads in the lowest levels.

Chamber pressure and backthrust will get beyond the Contender's limit fairly quickly.

There are 300 Savage barrels out there so we know with judicious loading those can be accommodated.

That said if it is an Encore then just go with book 7-08 loads.

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20 January 2015, 06:58
Mark Clark
Agree it is not safe if it is a Contender. If an Encore it is OK.
A 7-08 Contender barrel should be destroyed to prevent it being fired with full pressure loads by someone who does not know.

20 January 2015, 14:04
If it's a 7mm-08 barrel I'm betting it's a Encore barrel not a Contender.

If it actually is a Contender barrel I'm interested in knowing who it was made or rechambered by......what is stamped on the barrel ?

Even if it will fit on a Contender frame.....don't fire it !

NRA Range Safety Officer.
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