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Addition to the herd

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02 November 2012, 05:33
Addition to the herd
I just picked up a Pachmayr Dominator in 7/08 today. I am having difficulty removing the ejector from my Delta Elite so I did not get to fire it yet. Tomorrow I will get a 1/16" punch!!
For me a 223 would have been more desireable but then again this is the first Dominator I have seen.
Any one have a copy of the original instructions for this conversion??

I am one gun away from being happy
23 November 2012, 21:52

I am one gun away from being happy
28 November 2012, 04:57
7-08 oughta Get Er Did!

I shot one in Encore and seems like it was 140 grain loading and about 2400 fps.

Was not bad at all.

Don't limit your challenges . . .
Challenge your limits

10 December 2012, 03:15
I have the booklet. pm me your e.mail and I send you some kind of copy.
10 December 2012, 03:35
I have a 223 with SSK mounts and a Leupy 2x in silver. I can hit a pistol target at 100yd with it.