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22 July 2016, 01:19
T/C Contender
Stumbled in to a Contender outfit today. Includes the Receiver, a 221 F.B. barrel, a 22 mag barrel,357 mag barrel,22 rimfire barrel, and a .45/410 barrel. (all are 10" Octagon) 3 forearms,3 Bushnell scopes 2.5 power, ,mounted on 3 of the barrels ,along with a Bi pod that clamps on the barrels, and a T/C leather sheepskin lined case. All in very good condition. Whats an outfit like this worth ?

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26 July 2016, 06:54
Slowpoke Slim
Well, speaking in general terms, I would say frames are in the 200-250 range, depending on which frame, slab side, early frame, easy-open, or G-2. Barrels, if standard production TC barrels, and not custom shop, TCA or full custom would be in the 150-200 range. Stock sets, unless unique, probably in the 20-50 range.

Are you sure that "45/410" bbl isn't just a 45 colt "hotshot" barrel? Does it have an internal or external choke?

And barrel clamp bipods are accuracy wreckers on a break action Contender.

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26 July 2016, 16:20
.45 Barrel has external choke tube. Receiver is #22xxx range.

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28 July 2016, 08:38
Steve E.
I think Slowpoke Slim hit it pretty much on the money.


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28 July 2016, 17:49
Well, octagon barrels are old barrels and I wouldn't even want one. Except for a brand new Contender barrel from the T/C Custom Shop back when they had one, I've never paid $200 for a Contender barrel and maybe that one wasn't $200; it has been a long time.

For the above barrels described, if I wanted one I wouldn't pay more than in the $130 range.

The Bushnell scopes are definitely low end; I wouldn't want one but if I did, I wouldn't pay any more than about $25 for one.

For an old style stainless steel frame, I'd probably go $225 and sub $200 for blue.
22 April 2019, 16:31
Greg K
Originally posted by Steve E.:
I think Slowpoke Slim hit it pretty much on the money.




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24 April 2019, 03:27
I have one of the old octagon barrels in .45LC, external choke, that had been reamed out to take 410. I could not hit well with it, but a friend (never let your friends out shoot you with your guns!) could hit very well with it against clay birds. I also have an octagon 22LR barrel that shoots well enough for me.

I did buy a 14" .410 barrel with rib to chase grouse with.

AS I remember the story. BATF told TC the .410 was not legal. TC said OK. Then TC came out with Contenders in rifle and handgun form with parts that could change from one to the other. ATF had a fit...TC took it to court. TC won in court with Justice Sandra Day O'Connor helping to explain to the other justices the terms like rim fire/ center fire, etc. After that win TC started making the .410 again.