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Filled my last two antelope doe tags

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13 November 2020, 02:37
Filled my last two antelope doe tags
It was a good, but busy day hunting on the last day of October. First off, I agreed to go out with one of our church members on a cow elk hunt, and he sealed the deal relatively early in the morning. After getting the cow taken care of and dropped off at the meat processor, we decided to head back to my house grab one of my XP-100’s and go antelope hunting, since we took care of the cow elk relatively quick. I didn’t have any expectations, that we would get done with the elk hunting that quick, as that Saturday was the last day of the antelope season. But hunting luck was with us, and we headed out, and I was able to fill both of my tags this afternoon, and even make it in before sunset.
Michael DeLoach of Nine Run Gun did this build: 6mm-284 XP-100, trued action, Dell trigger, 16” Proof Research carbon wrapped barrel, Holland’s 2-Port Radial Baffle brake (which I really like), McMillan center grip stock, Leupold VX-3 4.5-14 with Holland’s ART reticle. I used the 90 grain Nosler Accu-Bond which has a muzzle velocity of 2900 fps. The first antelope was right at the 200-yard mark, slightly quartering toward us went to her front shoulder and exited behind the back shoulder. She went about 30 to 40 yards did a little hop/kick thing that they do sometimes and then went down. The second one was at 315 yards, and she was completely broadside. Because of the wind I had to put four minutes of wind into it. I double shoulder shot her and she went down at the shot. Such a sweet shooter. I had not shot this XP-100, since I was with Aaron Alexander in Ketchikan, Alaska, and the zero was spot on when I confirmed it that early afternoon on paper.


13 November 2020, 21:28
Big Wonderful Wyoming
Congrats always cool to get a horned doe.
16 November 2020, 06:05
Sounds like you had a good year so far. Congrats on two in one afternoon with an XP. Be Well, Packy.
16 November 2020, 22:50
Use Enough Gun
Very Nice! tu2 Congrats! tu2
17 November 2020, 17:43
Glad there are still some diehards out there campaigning the single-shot pistols -- and making meat with such efficiency!


I won't take a sermon longer than 10 minutes.
17 November 2020, 22:27
We are hanging in there.


22 December 2020, 19:23
Steve E.
Looking good, smells like backstrap and gravy.
Sweet looking XP, gotta love em.


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