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T/C "Pro Hunter Frame" ONLY quest.

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30 July 2021, 01:51
Alaskan Sourdough
T/C "Pro Hunter Frame" ONLY quest.
I am looking for a Pro Hunter Frame. They seem to be hiding, at least the "New" ones seem to be hiding. Any suggestions on where I should be looking. Only what the frame at this point. Thanks for any help.

ALASKA is a "HARD COUNTRY for OLDMEN". (But if you live it wide'ass open, balls'to the wall, the pedal floored, full throttle, it is a delightful place, to finally just sit-back and savor those memories while sipping Tequila).
31 July 2021, 17:19
Try Ed Kirkpatrick of Ed's Contenders in Okla. City.....he's got more frames, barrels, pistol scopes, parts, stocks etc for TC products than anyone I know.

A retired CPA Ed is good people but he's not real good about updating his web site or returning calls and emails.

Weekdays or weekends, during the day or evenings just keep calling till he actually picks up the phone 405-879-0879.

NRA Range Safety Officer.
IHMSA # 48226.
01 August 2021, 08:52
Mike Scott