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Shooter Muley with the 6.5-284 Borden/Alpine clone XP

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24 October 2020, 19:21
Shooter Muley with the 6.5-284 Borden/Alpine clone XP
Dan Ekstrom and I have been looking for a shooter mule deer buck on public land.

For this area, Tuesday was the last day.

Borden Alpine clone XP-100 action, chambered in 6.5-284 with the 140 grain Nosler AB at 588 yards. Bullet worked great. He was slightly quartering toward us.

Right after the shot he moved to the left about 30-40 yards, and looked like he was going down...doing the wobble/stumble thing.

Given the fact that it was close to the end of legal shooting, and with Dan’s encouragement, I sent a 2nd one.

We discovered it wasn’t needed upon quartering him (the drops were spot on), but we wanted to be sure.

He will be nice and tasty.

Thanks to Dan for helping me pack him out-Quartered him in the field. It was late thirty when I go home.

Michael DeLoach of Nine Run Gun built this Borden Alpine clone XP and it hammers! Brux barrel, Holland brake, Dell trigger, McMillan stock, Burris XTR-III 3.3-18x50 with the SCR MOA reticle. It shoots so good it is just wrong!


25 October 2020, 00:49
Brian Canada
Excellent! 588 yds!
Please tell me how long the barrel is.
As far as I know, those long shots are a good place for the Accubond bullet. I bet that the bullet worked well at that range/velocity. Did the bullet hold together OK? Brian
25 October 2020, 01:36
Bullet performed great.
Barrel is 17" long


25 October 2020, 05:26
Brian Canada
Ernie, Thanks, Brian
30 October 2020, 23:16
Use Enough Gun
Nice! tu2
31 October 2020, 19:53
Steve E.


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01 November 2020, 18:11
You've got a wonderfully capable long-range handgun there!

There is hope, even when your brain tells you there isn’t.
– John Green, author
03 November 2020, 19:56
Originally posted by Bill/Oregon:
You've got a wonderfully capable long-range there!

Thank you sir!