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Do you know who made my XP100 stock
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I bought it five years ago
The guy I bought it from had no info.

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That is an aftermarket stock, possibly by Fajen.


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Fajen like Bishop + many others have gone out of business.Mores the pity. In the 80's I bought 600 bd.ft. of Birdseye Maple from Mass. + had it shipped to Hulet at Bishops to cut into blanks for me.I did my own fitting w/the rosewood for grip caps + forend caps (a beautiful combo of color;BEM + RW).The best I ever built was for my eldest son for his 18th birthday.A thumbhole stock in the above mentioned wood,w/an Interarms 98 action in 7x57 topped w/ a Leupold. On the grip cap I recessed a triangle of German Silver,Gold coated w/ gold so that when his initials were carved out by an expert,the silver letters would shine out from the gold.I suppose I can carry things too far but it was my eldest sons 1st rifle of his own.Off + on the subject,my son got divorced last year. When she ran off with her new 'lover' she stole that rifle.Needed money,right? Anyway after the visitation rights,etc, by the judge;he says he wants his rifle back.The judge asks him if thats so important. He replies,Hell yes,my father built that rifle for me on my 18th bday.Would you not find it special? The ex had to give it back.It's home now....along with several of my rifles that needed to be taken hunting with his kids.It's all good.

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