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28 January 2020, 00:36
Latest Sports Afield
I get a lot of magazines comped as I was in the business of hunting for many years and still am to a lesser degree..About the only articles I read are Phil Shoemakers, I always enjoy his stuff and hes a real gun buff.

I always read Jack O'Connor, another friend and Elmer Keith was entertaing, the old boys had a lot of experience, some of these newbys are trying to fake it, and that's disturbing, but I don't think they get comped hunts or have a suger daddy like the the old dudes did..Its apparantly a different world today..

I think most booking agents get enough comped hunts and have enough experience to be gun scribes in there later years, but don't know many that have..

Saeed could write and article a day and never cover all his buffalo hunts, but he isn't going to waste his time on writing articles for magazines when he could be out hunting..

Ray Atkinson
Atkinson Hunting Adventures
10 Ward Lane,
Filer, Idaho, 83328
16 February 2020, 07:09
I agree with all this sentiment.

But could part of it also be simply because we are getting a bit long in the tooth ?

Anyone who claims the 30-06 is ineffective has either not tried one, or is unwittingly commenting on their own marksmanship
Phil Shoemaker
Alaska Master guide
NRA Benefactor
16 February 2020, 19:28
I grew up with Outdoor Life and Jack O'Connor. Never cared for Sports Afield.
I liked some of the Wolfe writers -- Gary Sitton, Ross Seyfried (my favorite), but don't have much use for Rifle or Handloader any more.
And yes, I am getting long in the tooth.
Do enjoy Double Gun Journals and SPG Black Powder Cartridge news.

I won't take a sermon longer than 10 minutes.
18 February 2020, 08:25
I'm right there with you Bill. When Handloader let Ross go I quit subscribing. + yes, growing up Outdoor Life was the mag to go. Sports Afield was mostly fishing which was never really my primary interest.

Never mistake motion for action.
18 February 2020, 20:54
Randy: beer

I won't take a sermon longer than 10 minutes.
20 February 2020, 10:54
Dog cat, your notation about how many times can you write about the 06, 270, et. is actually OLD. Back when J'O Connor writing he actually said, he had to figure out how to do that. If you go back to hunting magazines in the 50s and beyond, far better. FF&G pretty good, though no big hunting trips , just everyday type hunting, etc. If you want a good magazine, go look at the American Rifleman from the early 50s BACK. Used to have great article, some several issues long. Now just advertisements.
21 February 2020, 03:01
I dreamed of all the hunts I read about as a young man.
I have lived them now. What was said about long in the tooth..
I remember reading about the elk horse back hunts in the Bob Marshall wilderness in Montana.
Well I have done the like. Found out my butt was nor very suited for a saddle all day and walked ahead of my "steed" half the time HAHA.
Climbing mountains is not easy especially for flat landers.
I would not trade the experiences for anything.
We get to reflect upon those times and be the story tellers for our children now.