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Greatest lie you've ever read...
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While it is possible a Ranger could be awarded an Air Medal for actions during aerial combat as part of an aircrew, I highly doubt it - and then be awarded it 6 more times (clusters).. Yeah right...

Don't miss his bullshit on here...

USAF EOD Class 21S-82 Retired...

"At least once every human being should have to run for his life - to teach him that milk does not come from the supermarket, that safety does not come from policemen, and that news is not something that happens to other people." - Robert Heinlein
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Not really a lie, and was in a book not magazine, but a book I have about tracking states a hunter should kill every raptor he sees including hawks, owls, and eagles, because of the harm they do to small game.

He also recommended killing 5 or 6 cougars for every deer a hunter shoots.

Book was published in the 1940s.


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Buff, you could be talking about Ben Lilly. J. Frank Dobie wrote a book about his life. He is personally responsible for the eradication of mountain lions + black bears in Texas as he felt he was doing "God's work."

Never mistake motion for action.
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You can have won every war!

But, it was not meant to be.

Remember when Bush wanted to punish Afghanistan for harboring Bin Laden?

Carpet bombing the place to pieces, with getting a single soldier on the ground.

But no.

The military industrial wants a continuing war, to kill more people, make more money.
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Well, requiring a 4 hour first aid class IS a standard.

Not much of one, or any comment on their hunting ability!

Just read like a politician-lawyer and all will be clear!

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