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'Bird Hunting Report' - newsletter. Still going?

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21 January 2018, 20:26
'Bird Hunting Report' - newsletter. Still going?
Does anyone know if the 'Bird Hunting Report' newsletter still exists? A lady by the name of Barabara ? was the editor years ago.
It was a very good resource for various places to hunt game birds all over.
Thank you all in advance for any info!
22 January 2018, 19:26
I don't think so but the editor's name is Barbara Crown and the website for the Big Game publication is . I would then just look around the website for links or contact them.

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23 January 2018, 22:00
Thanks for your reply to my question - I appreciate it! I will check further then to see what I can find out. It was a helpful, albeit small, publication years ago.
Thanks again!