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I cannot imagine not belonging to the NRA. I firmly believe they are our advocates. It made me feel so modern to see in my new issue of American Hunter Magazine the latest in hunting fashions for various hunting situations. Here I thought I was just an old man in old hunting clothes who knew how to shoot reasonably straight. I need to update my wardrobe I guess. Thank you NRA for bring that to my attention.
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one of us
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I think some of us need an update every now and then. don't hurt to try new things.
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one of us
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They (we) are the advocates of our rights. Regardless of fashion the mags are good reading + the pure shame of it all is that we NEED the NRA to protect what is ours by right.But since that is how the liberal fringe plays their games then we continue to support our advocate. I'm a life member;how many others?

Never mistake motion for action.
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