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FIFA World Cup In Russia 2018

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18 May 2018, 19:23
FIFA World Cup In Russia 2018
Who is your pick to win the tournament?
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12 June 2018, 20:40

Best names and team on the planet!

Tajikistan - 2020 - Marco Polo Sheep and Mid-Asian Ibex
Masai Land -2019- Lesser Kudu and Masai Bushbuck
Ethiopia - 2017 -Mountain Nyala
Botswana - 2016 - Tholo Safaris and the Okavango Delta
Cameroon - 2016 – Lord Derby’s Eland and Buffalo
Turkey - 2015 - Bezoar Ibex and Tour
Nambia - 2015 - Father-Son - Eland
Sonora Mexico - 2015 - Desert Bighorn Sheep and Sonoran Mule Deer
British Columbia - 2014- Stone Sheep, Goat and Moose
New Zealand 2014 - Rusa Deer
British Columbia - 2013 - Bighorn Sheep
Zimbabwe 2013- Leopard with Hounds
Namibia 2012 - Lion
CAR 2012 - Lord Derby Eland
Cameroon Rainforest - 2011 - Bongo
Zambia - Nchila Reserve - 2010 - Forest Sitatunga
15 June 2018, 05:13
The odds makers say Germany or Brazil. I'm going to go out on a limb and pick Argentina.

Russia wins it's opening match over the Saudis.


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15 June 2018, 14:03
I was very surprised Russia only scored 5!

The way the Saudis played should have been in large double digits!

I do not remember any team playing such miserable quality football in the world cup finals!

Over paid, over rated bunch of bloody useless idiots!

They showed absolutely no desire to play football.

I hope Uruguay and Egypt clubber them with at least a couple dozen goals each!

That is they ever wake up! clap

And Real Madrid just showed the world they could not careless about their country at all.

All they care about is themselves!

I never liked the bloody lot - Barcelona has way too much class for them.
Instagram : ganyana2000
16 June 2018, 17:49
DCS Member
Vamos Argentina!

I meant to be DSC Member...bad typing skills.

Marcus Cady