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World Cup predictions

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03 June 2014, 17:50
World Cup predictions
I predict Brazil and Argentina in the finals, with Brazil winning.


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10 June 2014, 22:43
I predict a lot of cases of STDs and some world-class hangovers ...

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13 June 2014, 21:32
14 June 2014, 19:20
I'm not a big soccer fan, but I managed to catch a few minutes of Mexico's win, and the last 30 minutes of Chile vs. Australia. I think the emotion on the field and in the stands really sets soccer apart from most other sports. It's electric. Look forward to seeing some more. Sorry I missed seeing Netherlands destroy Spain.

I love dogs so much more than people.
14 June 2014, 20:09
I finally get to post!

Who would believe that collapse by Spain? The Netherlands had some fantastic passing and great play around the goal as well as capitalizing on the errors that Spain made.

I think that the home crowd will pull Brazil all the way into the finals but I'm having a hard time picking who they're going to play there.


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