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new biebs target

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26 February 2019, 02:53
new biebs target
there is a new target available dedicated to biebs. shocker it is a reversed target with the black outside of the white Confused hence hits in the center count as missed Eeker and hits outside but in the black count at hits. dancing X ring hits are now outside of the target nilly this new target is best shot at with a blaser stir
26 February 2019, 22:45
Use Enough Gun
rotflmo jumping rotflmo
27 February 2019, 07:35
Last time I took my CHL renewal,on the range I started with head shots;saving center mass for later longer shots.Instructor let me get a couple of magazines through before she told me none of them counted as head shots were now the same as a miss.One of the guys watching back at the line told me afterwards that I thought you were just shooting high,but damn good grouping.

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02 March 2019, 05:35
Norman, at least you are in a state that requires "range time" with the firearm of choice. Many do not! In any case, the standards are not very high, but having said that, head shots do require one to know where the gun shoots, as many carry guns have fixed sights.

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02 March 2019, 07:56
Use Enough Gun
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02 March 2019, 08:40
The story told by the instructor was as we were using standard DPS silouette targets that the new policy of DPS was to discourage head shots as they might miss + hit a citizen.Possible of course but if you are not proficient with your piece then why are you even carrying it?As an aside,when they 1st started the program,my eldest son took the course with me. He did a 250 score of 250;+ he did the last shots at the 15yd. line by putting a smiley face on the target.Little shit!

Never mistake motion for action.
01 July 2019, 18:27
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