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To Kowa or not to Kowa?
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I'm looking at the Kowa TSN-82V though I'm used to a straight eyepiece. Will be used for 100/200 yards majority of the time till I can get to a place with long range.

Currently using a Bushnell 20x from the 70's

What say you?
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I use a Kowa TSN-82 with the 45-degree, 27X long eye relief lens for competition shooting from 10 meter air rifle to 1000 yard high power. The angled eyepiece is good for position shooting and no handicap if I use the scope for bird watching. Twenty-seven power is sufficient to see .22 holes at 100 yards. Beyond that you’re usually using spotters on the target so it’s more magnification than you need. It is good for reading mirage.
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I have a TSN-601 with the 25X LER angled eye piece.I like the angled piece for when I am shooting standing up and don't like it when shooting off the bench.It is a clear scope.I am very happy with it.I really like the Van Guard VS-82 stand I have it on.
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While it is not an 82SV, my TSN-663M with a 20x60 eyepiece does very well spotting bullet holes at 100-200 yards. It is fairly lightweight. I like the angled eyepiece, but they can be had with straight eyepieces as well.

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I used a Kowa TSN1 77mm objective scope with
angled, long eye relief eye piece in NRA Highpower competition for a couple of years. It leaked like a sieve in rainy conditions; I referred to it as my "canteen." Frowner

Several friends who bought them at the same time I did had similar experiences. I soon learned to carry a plastic Wal-Mart bag in my gear and if rain threatened, I covered the scope. That helped during periods when the scope was not actively in use (e.g., when pulling targets in the pits). However, it was of course unworkable when actually using the scope in the rain.

By comparison, my $200 Champion's Choice 60mm spotting scope never leaked once and had its share+ of downpours. I wound up doing a very
careful test of resolution at 200 yards with the two scopes, side by side on .223 bullet holes (useful for making sight corrections after firing the first 2 shots in sitting rapid-fire.) The Kowa was marginally better than the inexpensive Champions Choice but not hugely.

I also took them both to our 600 yard and 1000 yard lines and spent a lot of time comparing them side by side as to their ability to detect marginal mirage. There was a slight edge in favor of the Kowa. However, it was much larger than the CC, required a much larger scope stand, was a hassle to carry up and downrange with the rest of my gear, more fragile and much more expensive.

I wound up selling the Kowa and going back to the CC scope/stand, which I found adequate to fit my needs. I went Distinguished Rifleman with the CC scope and didn't think it held me back. However, your needs and uses may be different, so consider what you will be doing with it as you decide.

I absolutely prefer the 45 degree angled eyepiece over the straight eyepiece for position shooting; straight eyepiece is torture by comparison. The 45 degree eyepiece doesn't hurt for other uses, as long as you have a good scope stand that allows flexibility in adjustments.

Hope this helps,
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thanks for the reply's.

99% of my shooting is off a bench with the scope to my left on a tripod on the ground not the bench.
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