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SOLD-AR-Type Rifle in 458 SOCOM

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18 January 2020, 22:25
SOLD-AR-Type Rifle in 458 SOCOM
This has got to be the ultimate Hog-killing machine. It was put together by our own dcpd, with the fixed stock, a longer barrel for maximum ballistics, muzzlebrake, and an Anderson upper. It will come with the 8 magazines shown. The 30-round AR magazine takes 10 of the fat 458 SOCOM bullets, so it's legal in states with magazine restrictions. I added the riser on the receiver to easy acquisition of a sight picture in a scope or Red Dot. Shoots 300gr bullets at 1,850 FPS+ as fast as you can full the trigger. Ammo not included, as it would have to ship separately, but we can talk about that.

$925 shipped (Now $795)

19 January 2020, 18:15
$895? GO KILL PIGS!!!!!!!!
20 January 2020, 06:16
The .458 SOCOM is a real hog-hammer! It will flat out make a hog or a whitetail lie down. In bullet weights up to 400 grains, it is essentially a .45-70 in an AR-15. Somebody's going to get a good deal here.


DRSS; NRA; Illinois State Rifle Association; Missouri Sport Shooting Association

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20 January 2020, 18:54
Yes, sure beat the hell out of those puny 223 ARs :-)
21 January 2020, 21:28
22 January 2020, 19:24
Last call at $795 shipped
22 January 2020, 20:07
Good gracious, gentlemen! The Biebster is virtually giving away this hammer!
Once you shoot the SOCOM you'll be amazed at the power with so little recoil.
Dcpd builds a fine rifle. He built my 6.5 Grendel.

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22 January 2020, 21:10
Bill, cleaning up! Guns, camo, boots, ammo....anything I don't use. A Spring Cleaning, in January :-)
23 January 2020, 04:57
Biebs, PM sent. Mark
23 January 2020, 05:23
PM back at ya!
23 January 2020, 07:05
Yeah, I can't stand those wimpy 16 inch carbines; that barrel is custom made, one of a kind.
23 January 2020, 18:06
It's a portable cannon!