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Trip Report: Scandinavian Safari (Part 1)

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25 August 2011, 03:15
Trip Report: Scandinavian Safari (Part 1)
25 August 2011, 07:36
Cazador humilde
Congratulations on a great hunt, great pictures, and a fiance with real spirit. Those wolverine bags do look very cool. They also look like you could wake up to a reindeer stepping on you.
25 August 2011, 10:03
Thanks Cazador.

Actually, once we were both in our wolverine bags, one of the guides who was spotting only about 500 yds away couldn't find us any more (and his eyes are sharp!). They are also used as mini (and very mobile) hides for hunts.

Link to Manufacturer:
25 August 2011, 12:07
Magnificient report, Orvar!
I'm glad you were successful. And THREE bulls! Wow! Smiler
Thanks for sharing lovely pictures and good luck on the rest of the Scandinavian Safari!

Ps. Almost every hunter I know uses the "Wolverine" bags. They're really amazing. Will keep you warm in all kinds of weather.


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25 August 2011, 12:58
Wery nice orvar!!nice bucks and yes the wolverine bag is a nasjonal item among the Norwegian reindeer hunters! tu2

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25 August 2011, 13:14
Arild Iversen
Congratulations! Great story, great pictures and great bulls tu2

I have the "wolverine bag" in the insulatet Thermo Hunter version in woodland camouflage. Great stuff for stand hunting when it is freezing cold.
It´s a bit noisy, but I can live with that.

Arild Iversen.

25 August 2011, 13:19
Excellent report. Stunning scenery and magnificent bulls.
25 August 2011, 14:13
Well done - what a thrill! And a busy few minutes of shooting at the end.

Was it a public area where all Norwegians can hunt? Sounds like it was quite competitive at times.
25 August 2011, 14:38
great hunting

ur 3 greatest hunts r, ur 1st,ur last,and ur next!!!!
25 August 2011, 15:03
Ingvar J. Kristjansson
Wow.....congratulations ! Great pictures and fantastic bulls.
25 August 2011, 15:09
Boghossian: I will leave it to one of our Norwegian friends to explain how this works, as even after asking a number of questions, still not 100% and don't want to give you wrong into...
25 August 2011, 15:37
Great report and pictures.Much enjoyed.Thanks for sharing.


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25 August 2011, 15:56
I can only add my congratulations on the trip and the report!

Very well done sir.
25 August 2011, 16:27
Congratulations! Great story, great pictures and great bulls!


25 August 2011, 19:28
That's why Norwegians love their land !
Great hunt ! tu2
25 August 2011, 22:49
Mr. G
Great pics and report! congrats on a very successful hunt Smiler


26 August 2011, 13:03
Thanks all!

And if anyone our there has some good Reindeer recipes, please post them! We have 150+kg of meat arriving in 6 weeks shocker and that's gonna be the center of some great hunter dinners! Yummmm
26 August 2011, 15:48
Excellent report Orvar!

Thank you for taking the time to write it and post up the pics Smiler

Looking forward to part 2! Cool


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26 August 2011, 17:29
Thank you for that wonderful report and photos Orvar. I have one question though - after all the hard walking and the big packs you carry how on earth did you get the dead animals out of there?
26 August 2011, 18:16
Fantastic hunt, and a beautiful place, but my god, it is bleak there. Reindeer must be a resilitant beast to thrive there.

Makes the west of Ireland look like a tropical paradise.

I think that hunt is for someone made of sterner stuff than me.

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26 August 2011, 18:36
Originally posted by caorach:
Thank you for that wonderful report and photos Orvar. I have one question though - after all the hard walking and the big packs you carry how on earth did you get the dead animals out of there?

You have to butcher them on the hill and pack them out! Eeker


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27 August 2011, 01:21
Tim Herald
Very Cool - and great Pix...

Good Hunting,

Tim Herald
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27 August 2011, 04:30
Great pics and report,
The landscape is similar where Trapper Dave and I are going next month for Reindeer with some other hunters. We got tags for two bulls and two cows.
I will send you some recipes, got a lot of them, from hamburgers to great steaks.

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