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Hunter loses rifle to deer's antlers
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Police of the Czech Republic - KRP of the South Bohemian Region
The rifle was "blown out" by a deer and other guinea fowl
South Bohemian police officers and very unusual and smiling cases.

During their service, police officers these days are involved in frequent inspections of compliance with current government regulations. However, not everything revolves, as it would sometimes seem, around Covid-19, the police, as usual, go to traffic accidents, family quarrels, thefts, but also to human stories that the film director would not invent. Some of the last days, the police, are happy to share, perhaps a little disrupting the daily amount of stressful news.

For example, this Friday, an older hunter experienced an absolutely incredible story. It started as usual. During the hunt in the Horní Planá forest administration district, he lost his 22 Hornet repeating rifle in the forest. From the point of view of the Weapons and Ammunition Act, this emergency must be reported to the police. Sometimes this happens, for example, the shooter places a weapon on the roof of the vehicle and leaves, the police then write a report and also declare a search for the lost weapon. But now it was different, because the deer escaped the hunter with a weapon .

How it all happened. Several hunters advanced through the forest, at one point the dog startled the deer. He got up and charged directly at the hunter. He ran past him and ripped the left sleeve of his jacket with his antler. The rifle the hunter had hung, fortunately without ammunition and magazine, on his left hand, slid down the deer's antler and disappeared with the deer. A fellow hunter, a deer still with his weapon slung on his antlers, was then seen about a mile away. The hunters, of course, searched the forest, but did not find a weapon. The hunters had no choice but to report everything to the police. If anyone finds the weapon, they are obliged to hand it over to the nearest police department. Or report the finding to line 158.

Another strange story was solved by the police on Friday, this time in Kaplicko. In the afternoon, a man called police line 158, saying he did not know where he was and needed to be rescued. He can't talk or walk, he's probably in a cabin and he doesn't know where. Then he mentioned a Karl. It all sounded like a kidnapping or something. The man also did not remember how he got to the cottage. So the police began to look for where the man might be and whether he was really a victim of crime. They found the cottage and the men at Malont. The resolution was quite ordinary in the end. A man at a friend's cottage drank so much rum that he almost became coma, and when he woke up he found himself on "another planet."

In the last unusual case, police officers went to the women's toilets to one of the department stores in Čtyře Dvůr in České Budějovice. A woman called the police line 158, that she and others had locked a man in the ladies' toilet, who must have been "watching" the women there. The police set out. They freed a man from the booth, who explained that he really, really really needed to use the booth. Unfortunately, she was not free on the men's toilet, so he risked a women's toilet. The women he was supposed to watch and the women who locked the men were no longer in place, so the police men did not refute his version. He was punished enough in the end.

mjr. Mgr. Jiří Matzner,

November 24, 2020


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