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Jagd and Hund is cancelled for 2021

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29 October 2020, 23:10
Big Wonderful Wyoming
Jagd and Hund is cancelled for 2021
Die JAGD & HUND wird verschoben. Der neue Termin steht bereits fest: 25. - 30. Mai 2022

Looks like the new dates are 25-30 May, 2022

Doesn't get the number of outfitters that Safari Club does (albeit some of the exact same ones). My last Jagd and Hund was 2019, and I can't remember but I believe either FNAWS or SCI was at the same time, so many outfitters were either splitting booths are missing from Jagd and Hund altogether.

Here is hoping that 2022 brings back conventions.
30 October 2020, 13:27
mboga biga bwana
Very few Outfitters going to SCI Show and Jagd&Hund Dortmund at the same Time.
Only prominent Rifle, Amo, Optic Companys doing it and can also afford it.
This 2 Shows targeting very different Clients IMO.

Nec Timor Nec Temeritas
30 October 2020, 18:51
Big Wonderful Wyoming
I was vague and didn't put up a number, but there probably more than 15 and less than 35 outfitters who have both shows going at the same time.

I have been to 3 Jagd and Hund shows and a few shows in America.

I don't see that much difference in clients. There are guys chasing a Weatherby, game farmers, back yard hunters, and wildlife management people, people that just shoot, and people that just show up to get out of the house.