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need 25-06 load!
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I need a good load for the 90 gr. Sierra HPBT for my 25-06 please.
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CCi BR primer and vitavouri N160 is a good start.
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Yeah, N160. I thought H4350 was good until I tried N160. The Hodgdon powders are likely less temperature sensitive, however.
Both are good for that bullet weight.
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I was hoping for some actual charge wieghts please
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Hi there heavy drinker. Wink and welcome to the boards.

I'm usually not to quick to give an exact load because there are so many variables that can affect the pressure curve. If you start with recommended components and work up you'll likely find one that works in your gun. It may or may not work for another.

Pick the brass and primer you're going to use, work up from 45gr of N160 or 46.5gr of IMR4350.

As a matter of fact, pressures will be slightly different with BR primers as these are for Win WLR. Nate
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I agree with the IMR-4350. Somewhere 53 to 54 grains should be about right.

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beerDp85 is still on hand at Powder Valley at $69.00/8 pounds. The burning rate is somewhere around the 4831s.I have mostly used magnum primers with the DP85 but have had good results with the CCI-34s also. A real plus is that in some cases with 4350s and 4831s you run out of case capacity before you arrive at Max pressure.

For example , without drop tubing or compressing loads, in the 22-250 you can get 3 more grains of powder with the DP85. With this a top end velocity can be achieved. This is the situation with the .243, .243 WSSM, and the 250-3000 also. Accuracy in everything it has been tested in was just great. It should be a natural in the 25-06.

From what I understand DP 85 will be the last of the Military Surplus powders available to the public for some time to come. I have no vested interest in Powder Valley but I do feel oblidged to share what I think is a great value to the brotherhood. thumbroger

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Old thread and I rarely post but just worked up an accurate 25-06 load using N160 to replace H4831 due to supply.

24" Remage 1:9 barrel on R700 action CCI primer.

Max load was 50.0 grains @3045 MV with Speer 120 gr SPBT. BC is more like .421 rather than the advertised .48 out to 500 meters. Visible pressure signs on brass started at 51.5 N160 @3129 MV. Average group .75 moa over five 5 shot groups and that has always been the best average using H4831. That puts the accuracy at least 90% confidence level. .02" bullet jump off jammed in the lands. Every rifle and reloading components lends me to refer to BigNate's post above. Work your way up. I was expecting to see shootable Max around 49.0 grains.
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