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Distilleries are opening

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10 June 2020, 08:13
Distilleries are opening
A few distilleries are opening back up. Buffalo Trace is still closed to the public. I booked a tasting and tour for 6 of my friends this Saturday in Louisville at Berheim which is the distillery for Heaven Hill and All it’s labels:

Old Frits
Old Frits Bottled in Bond limited series glass decanters
Elijah Craig Labels
Even Williams labels
Henry McKenia
Heaven Hill

I meant to book Heaven Hill’s Heritage Center in Bardstown where they age the distillate of Berheim. So, I really messed that up.
14 June 2020, 03:47
Just got back. The tour itself was very sterile. However, the tasting was excellent. We tasted Even Williams Single Barrel 8 year old (better than I thought it was dominant note red apple), Even Williams 23 year old (very oaky with black pepper but fine. This is a Scotch drinkers bourbon), and Even Williams 12 year (a lot of clove, cinnamon, peanut, and black pepper. On the back the oak hits like dark chocolate. This is not as sweat as I like, but very balanced. My wife thought it smelled like a Baby Ruth candy bar and finished like a Baby Ruth. I think it is missing just a little sweetness, but she hit it on the head on the noise).

On the tour side I learned how they test proof in modern times. It is called grading and done in a fancy chemistry set. We also got to see some old medicinal bottles. Back during prohibition 5 distilleries got licensed and produce about for the medical trade. You could get a script for even a small child and go buy legal Bourbon from a pharmacy. Similar to medical marijuana laws.

The 12 year and 23 Year are only available on location in the US. I got a bottle of 12 year.

They also had for sale, but not by the pour/sample Elijah Craig 12 year barrel proof. I am not a fan of E.C., but if you are this is a great edition. The old 94 proof 12 year small batch had been discontinued for years now.
15 June 2020, 09:11
Well, I suppose that is one positive thing that can be said about Pelosi; we won't have to worry about any bill shutting down any distilleries. Wink

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