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girly gun

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12 August 2014, 23:50
larry bryant
girly gun
I have already seen several comments about Rick Moritz using a girly gun (38) to win the iron sight competition at Raton this year. I also saw him in the office getting measured for a girly ring that will say 2014 national champion.
27 August 2014, 22:15
Larry, was he flying a Dan Theodore bullet design?

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28 August 2014, 00:21
larry bryant
I wish I could remember what Rick told me about the load, I do remember him saying he was using .090 wad or wad stack and he was guessing it about 1300 fps. Anyone who shot as good as he did on day one had it all in sync. When the animals fell they got covered with mud same color as the berm. Wind flags finally got so wet they hung straight down.