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Shiloh Business Rifle

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09 October 2020, 17:08
Shiloh Business Rifle
I just picked up my Shiloh Sharps that I ordered through Bill Goodman. It is a Business Rifle in .50-90 with a 30” heavy tapered round barrel, full buckhorn, semi-fancy walnut, steel shotgun butt plate, pewter forend tip and brass escutcheons. I took some quick pics inside with bad lighting and will get some better ones tomorrow if it isn’t raining. These pics don’t do the wood justice.

10 October 2020, 05:35
Nice rifle, and GREAT caliber.
10 October 2020, 06:35
cal pappas
Stunning rifle and wood!


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12 October 2020, 19:34
Nice rifle; I waited literally, 4 years for the last one I ordered. A 40-70 straight.
13 October 2020, 19:19
What a lovely rifle. Bill Goodman sure can make Shilohs "happen" can't he? I still have a deposit on file with Shiloh. That's as far as I got on an order years ago for a Hartford in .44-77.

There is hope, even when your brain tells you there isn’t.
– John Green, author
14 October 2020, 02:19
It weighs 11 lbs exactly. Here are a few better pics

15 October 2020, 17:50
Had to look at that beautiful wood a second time. Gorgeous.

There is hope, even when your brain tells you there isn’t.
– John Green, author
16 October 2020, 06:22
I keep pulling it out of the safe and wiping it down and just staring at it
16 October 2020, 07:22
So when are you going to shoot it?
16 October 2020, 20:34
Hopefully this weekend. Had to put my dad in the hospital and working weird hours. I will be glad to be retired soon so I can do important stuff like shooting
16 October 2020, 21:58
Sorry to hear about your
17 October 2020, 04:33
17 October 2020, 17:28
Retirement and a Sharps rifle makes a wonderful combination!

There is hope, even when your brain tells you there isn’t.
– John Green, author
20 October 2020, 15:21
I cast some 670 gr bullets from the KAL mold and patched them last night. I will get them loaded up tonight and get to the range Wednesday, the Good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise
22 October 2020, 07:59
Couldn’t go Wednesday but I am headed to the range Thursday afternoon. I was looking at the bullets and thinking how heavy they were then I looked at some loaded .45-100 rounds loaded with 585 gr bullets and realized I need to see How heavy a Bullet my KAL mood can throw and try them out. The