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Lyman M1878 Sharps...

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24 May 2014, 03:59
Idaho Sharpshooter
Lyman M1878 Sharps...
Lyman has decided to get into the Hunting/Long Range/BPCRS game, but in a slightly different fashion.

Back in 1876 the fledgling NRA challenged the Irish National Team to a match for possession of the most coveted trophy in long range shooting, the Elcho Shield.

Problem was, they did not have a suitable rifle for the 800/900/1000yd matches.

Sharps and Remington offered to build rifles to meet the requirements. 10lbs, single trigger, 4lb pull. Sharps and Remington were in fierce competition with the long range shooters of the day, and each had a couple "factory" shooters.

The M1874 was too heavy in the action area to provide a muzzle heavy match rifle.

Enter one Charles Overbaugh. He was a salesman for Sharps, and a factory shooter. He got Sharps to mill the M74 receiver a lot, even milling off the action plate, which was integral. He also got them to fit an English back action lock, like the Irish Team rifles sported. Finally, he got a heavily modified single trigger, and a proper muzzle heavy barrel.
Overbaugh also convinced Sharps that a round barrel would be much more accurate, because heat dispersion would be more even than with the octagon.
It became known in shooting circles as the "O" model.

A similar treatment of the Rolling Block took place at Remington.

As near as I can tell, this Lyman is a very close replica, other than the cosmetic treatments, and the common sense addition of double set triggers. I heartily agree with that change.

It is a very attractive rifle, finished in satin nickel, and an ebony fore end tip, schnable grip cap, and well executed checkering (I found NO flat diamonds or overruns). The final touch is a nearly flat shotgun-style butt plate.

I got the triggers down to 5 ounces without any issues. Very crisp and repeatable.

I'll let you know how it shoots in the next week or two.


Oh yes, retail is like $1995.99
24 May 2014, 04:20
Rich, keep us in tune with the accuracy of the Lyman. I've seen a few retailers having the 45-70 Lyman in the $1,500 price range. Here's one:
24 May 2014, 05:17
It's a byoot! Huge pictures there:

Pedersoli on the barrel. tu2

Buffalo arms also has it for less than $1500:

And the Lyman page is pretty:

Lyman's Tang & Globe Sights

Sharps' Elegant Lock & Receiver

Comfortable "Shotgun" Butt

Period-Style Laser Engraving

Pedersoli's Renowned 45-70 Barrel

Twist Rate: 1 - 18"

Barrel Length: 30"

Over all length: 47"

Length of pull: 14"

Weight: 9 lbs

Available exclusively through your local gunshop.
25 May 2014, 18:37
Yes, the '77 is a pretty svelte looking action.
29 May 2014, 13:56
Idaho Sharpshooter
As sold, it only needs two things done.

1. A second dovetail about six inches from the action to allow one of the MVA period correct 6X full length scopes to be fitted.

2. A bit of tweaking on the double set triggers to get down in the 4-6oz range set.

Even with the issue Lyman tang sight, as usually seen on Winchester lever guns and Savage 99's it made a couple 5-shot groups at 100yds under 2 inches.

I had about fifteen paper patched bullets from a Buffalo Arms mold I bought at Quigley a couple years ago. The cast of 180 made a year ago of 20:1 lead to tin alloy patches out about .4595". I just stuck them over 64gr of 777 and made a quick run to the range.

I wish they would offer it next year in 45-90 weighing about 11lbs.

Just to play with the triggers, I was too lazy to mess with cleaning BP.