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Corrosion in Black Powder Measure
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I use an old Ideal 55 measure for black powder since I recently started loading 45~70. I took it off the shelf to use the other day and found I couldn’t turn the metering cylinder. I removed the cylinder with some difficulty and found rust on the cast iron body behind the cylinder, preventing it from turning. Cleaned it up, polished everything and got it back in service.

However, I was not aware that BP (some old Elephant FF) was either corrosive or hygroscopic. I guess for now I’ll disassemble and was wash and dry it after use. I would appreciate any other suggestions.

Thanks and warmest regards,
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As I understand it, cast iron (or anything that sparks) should not be used with black powder. I use the new Lyman which is all aluminum and brass.


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I considered static when I started using the Ideal measure, but since the measure has a brass measuring drum in the cast iron body I didn’t think the potential significant. Also, I replaced the plastic powder reservoir with a brass one from Buffalo Arms.

After I posted I found a old manual online that talks about the use of BP in the Ideal 55. It mentions the possibility of corrosion and suggests disassembling the measure and wiping off the body and drum with a damp cloth after use, so that’s what I will do in the future. Also, the drum has a scale for BP grains and drams. All of this indicates that use with BP was expected.

Thanks for responding. I appreciate you.

Best, Jeff
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