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Warthog sharpener...anyone ever used it?

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05 December 2009, 06:46
ted thorn
Warthog sharpener...anyone ever used it?
I talked with a man that bragged on this unit. Has anyone used it?

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05 December 2009, 14:53
I messed with it at a gun show, seemed to work fairly well, didn't like the price and already have Lansky
08 December 2009, 04:48
Yes, my partner bought one and I got to sharpen a bunch of knives with it. For certain knives, especially long blades like kitchen knives and butcher knives, it works very well. Even my wife noticed. It works better on long blades than Lansky.
10 December 2009, 17:53
I have one, which I bought in South Africa, and like it for long kitchen knives or general use knives. I wouldn't use it on my expensive skinning knives though, preferring some of the more precise systems like the Lansky, where the only contact is with the knife edge.


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10 December 2009, 20:38
I haven't used one but if you're sharpening challenged it looks ok. The grit is too coarse for my liking but will produce a good "hack and slash" kind of edge.

Also pulling a knife through any sharpener is truly a crude way of sharpening. I admit to doing it lately though as I'm getting a bit tired of working up a nice edge on the water stone.

the chef
10 December 2009, 23:47
Also pulling a knife through any sharpener is truly a crude way of sharpening. I admit to doing it lately though as I'm getting a bit tired of working up a nice edge on the water stone.

Amen to that!

By the way, they do offer the Warthog with more than one grit. My partner's setup had steels too, although I didn't try those.
15 December 2009, 15:43
A good ceramic rod system will do the same thing for less money.

Lansky makes a nice ceramic rod system that will do you right. I have it and carry it in my pack.

Spyderco also makes a nice ceramic rod system. There's is a bit more complex and larger. I have it too and it works very well and does many things, but for just sharpening my hunting knives the Lansky works just as good.

The Lansky ceramic rod system can be had for less than $20. The Spyderco system for around $55. Both are considerably less than this other thing.

18 December 2009, 23:23
I have one that was a gift... I love it !
It sits on my workbench and is always ready to put an edge on all my knives with a few quick swipes. I still use the Arkansas stone to finish an edge if needed... but rarely use anything but the Warthog !
Very sharp and very fast.

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12 January 2010, 00:29
Ackley Improved User
I got one and IT WORKS very well and quickly. Best system I know of for a non-professional knife sharpener, like myself. Regards, AIU
12 January 2010, 07:00
John Frederick
Hard to beat a Loray/Lansky.
14 January 2010, 05:37
rick boggs
freind of mine has an old grinder he put a leather strap on a 6 " x 1" wooden disk or a 6" puck on 1 side then a polishing wheel on the other side it is the best sharpener i have ever seen razor sharp in seconds the polishing helps it also
22 January 2010, 06:36
I have two of them. One I take with me on hunting and fishing trips the other stays at home.

They work very well and I have no problem touching up the blade on a Randall or other custom knives with them.

If you have a quality knife that needs touching up don't use the diamond rods that come with it, just use the fine grit.

I've not pulled the Lanskey out of its box since I got these but I'll never put my sharpening stones away either lol.

Good product for the money.
24 January 2010, 22:01
I like mine for quick, easy and good job, but you can't get up close to handle on short blade folders, and particles of steel that you're taking off will scratch your fine knives. But for kitchen knives and using knives that you don't mind minor scratches on, hard to beat for convenience. The polishing steels that come with it are great. I have many sharpeners, and have found that no one is best for everything, except a good stone.

26 January 2010, 07:46
Use Enough Gun
I have one that I've had for a year now and I sharpen all of my knives with it without a problem.
09 March 2010, 09:14
Originally posted by ted thorn:
I talked with a man that bragged on this unit. Has anyone used it?

Contact RUSTY over on the double rifle forum, he has one of them, and will be happy to tell you how it works!

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12 March 2010, 20:45
I used one on a hog hunt and it worked great. I used it on both my hunting knife and my small pocket knife. Loved it. I use a Lansky on my smaller knives, but this is much better for the longer blades.


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22 March 2010, 01:33
I have the V sharp Classic
I bought it several years ago at a DSC Convention. Sits on my kitchen counter and does a great job every day! I see they have a newer model now. I have been very happy with mine.
I think they offer various grits and aslo steel type rod attachments for touch up jobs.

The newer model has snap adjustments that I think would make it easier to change from thin kitchen knives to thicker hunting knives.

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22 March 2010, 01:51
ted thorn
Thank You All,
After months of looking at every sharpener a man can get, it is the Warthog as the best out there.
It is everything the Lansky is but 2X faster as it does both sides at the same time.

I called the Tyson Chicken packing plant in the next town.
I asked what sharpening method they used on the production floor.....Warthog!
If it is good enough for production it has to be fast and tough.

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26 March 2010, 02:46
Use Enough Gun
Interesting! I love mine. Big Grin