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Not $8.00 but something a little different for me

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15 September 2015, 22:06
lost okie
Not $8.00 but something a little different for me

15 September 2015, 23:04
Excellent craftsmanship! Beautiful lines.
16 September 2015, 03:03
I sure like the pattern in the blade. Very nice.

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16 September 2015, 06:34
No quibbling about that Quillon
looks positively medieval but with modern refinements.


I have lust in my heart!


16 September 2015, 15:17
p dog shooter
Nice looking how long is the blade
16 September 2015, 21:59
lost okie
p dog; the blade is six inches; the hilt is five.
Thanks for the kind words guys.
It was a little bit of a stretch for an old guy; the pattern is pretty unforgiving. Building the hilt so that it was weapons grade and still not heavy was a pain.