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South East Asian keris daggers

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06 March 2021, 15:08
South East Asian keris daggers
Where is a good place to sell these types of knifes?
07 March 2021, 07:59
I wouldn't sell mine but I have one that was given to me when I was a child by a friend of My Grandfather's who was a missionary in the Philippines during the Moro insurrection at the turn of the century.

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11 March 2021, 06:24
I am probably the only one here that does not have any idea what one is, so I looked it up.

There was a better write up under Malaysia with the search, but the pictures would never load for me.

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11 March 2021, 08:13
If we are talking about the same thing + I think we are, I have thought these were Kris daggers.

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12 March 2021, 04:46
Jerry Fisk
Traditionally in the American market they do not bring much. Shame, some of them have really interesting work. Quite the legend on them as well. I made one and that was it.

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