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Bench made fixed blade

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02 November 2017, 03:44
Bench made fixed blade
I bought a benchmark hidden canyon

Really like it.

With sheath I can carry it in my pocket - same size as a iPhone 7 plus.

Will be fun to take his knife on a hunt.


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Bernard Baruch
21 January 2018, 06:55
Nice! I got a Steep country this year and I love it. I’m amazed in how sharp it was out of the box. I like the Benchmade knives

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21 January 2018, 07:24
I've been carrying Benchmade folders with blades of D2 steel for a long time.

A few years ago when Texas made switchblades legal to carry my son gave me an Adamas Auto.

It is by far my favorite daily carry knife and has cleaned countless hogs and deer.

Love those D2 Benchmade knives.