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Need a new Folder--Suggestions

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21 November 2007, 01:23
Need a new Folder--Suggestions
I want a folder with 3 blades, gutthook, saw, and skinning. I've looked at the Wenger, Beretta, and Browning and want to keep the cost under $100.

Any suggestions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
23 November 2007, 06:45
Look at my thread on the Buck Infusion I have for sale....well under $100.00; saw, gut hook and skinner....two blades, brand new....

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Theodore Roosevelt
27 November 2007, 19:17
I've got the Beretta and the Browning, the Browning seems a little better on fit and finish, but damn their steel is hard to get an edge back on. The beretta sharpens really easily. I always end up waiting and sharpening the Browning at home where I've got a lot more sharpening options.

In the field I just carry a little steel and a small crockstick, works OK on the Browning, but not good!

Good Luck
27 November 2007, 21:30
I would go with the Browning

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29 November 2007, 11:14
Well here is one a bit under your budget- $11

unfortunately really cheap knives tend to scare me off, however I suppose for the price you don't have much to lose, it can always sit in a drawer and an extra knife is good to have as a loaner.

A buck alpha at $60, though not my cup of tea for design:

Cabelas has the "outfitter" for $50:

Hey, if $11 is too rich for your blood here's one for $9....

Ontario Knife makes one for $55:

Case makes a exchangeable blade pocket knife for $80, but I think that is not what you want since if you have 3 or 4 blades jangling around might as well use separate tools

Personally, I'd check out the browning knives too. I have a couple of them and other than a fillet knife that had the blade snap when I sat on it (it was in the sheath!) I like their stuff. It seems there are a couple different browning kodiak patterns (or I may have just looked at the same one differently).

I don't use a bone saw (don't need to for deer) and use a separate gut hook, but I can understand wanting all 3 in one tool.

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29 November 2007, 19:49
The Buck Infusion I have for sale is very similar in design to the Buck Alpha pictured above, except that it has solid advantage camo scales, and features their Infusion steel blades. $45.00 takes it.

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Theodore Roosevelt
30 November 2007, 14:15
I bought a Beretta from their London shop about a year ago. The finish is brilliant (extremely fine tollerances, stag horn handles) I love it.
01 December 2007, 09:47
Don't buy mine, but buy American.....there are dozens of excellent American knife makers. patriot

"When you play, play hard; when you work, don't play at all."
Theodore Roosevelt
06 January 2008, 04:59
I have used the Remington Big Game folder for years and like it. Two blades, but everything you need.