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knife kit availability ?

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14 March 2009, 23:11
knife kit availability ?
I am interested in putting handles on a couple of blades to be given with rifles that I am stocking. The cut offs from the English walnut have nice figure and the knife would match the gun. I have some tools for a stock removal project, but no experience with knives. I thought I would just buy blades, assembly with the wood handles, shape and finish. The problem is the blade style I have been trying to find has been sold out for a long time at both Texasknife (BL431) and Knifekits (KK431BL). I don't know this, but they sure look to be the same blade to me.

Are there other sources for similar blades or must I just continue to wait for restocking? One place estimated July.

Thanks in advance for helping a neophyte.
15 March 2009, 01:11
You might try, Knfe and Gun, Jantz supply, or Sheffield Knifemakers supply, and possibly Dixie Gunworks. They all carry a pretty good assortment of knife blades.
15 March 2009, 19:17
Thanks Congomike

I ordered similar but not identical blades at Knife and Gun. I have book marked the other sites. I also need leather for sheaths, but that will be another project at a later time.