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My nephew turns ten, Case Hobo
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Hey guys,

When my nephew was born, the first boy of the next generation (and until my other nephew was born just over a year ago the only boy out of 5! I have two nieces, two daughters, and the lone boy)

when he was born I bought him a case hobo, in the collectors tin, the one with natural sambar stag handles, and stainless metal work. Tomorrow night I will give it to him. I found out that he's already got some pocket knives, but I remember being 10 when I received my first one on a birthday (which I still have incidentally, 23 years later. by the way, berrymen will mess up plastic handles).

I made a commitment to myself to buy him a knife a year to give him when he was 18, 17 more knives. I'm very much behind now (I haven't bought a new knife in years). but I guess he does have the collecting bug. talking to my stepbrother the other day he said he has a few and has built a box/case for them.

anyways, I'm very excited about this. it's the one with just a blade and fork. but they're 80+ new it looks like. I think I paid about 50 at the time.

Now, I subscribe to the tradition of giving a coin to the person that gives you a knife. should I teach him this tradition or does it not matter?

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Good for you! Keep it up as I did the same with my son, both with guns and of each every year since he was born lol. My wife think's I'm a nut.

The coin for a knife or the friendship is cut is a very old tradition...explain it to him or not, your choice.
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An excellent choice of knives for the young one.

......civilize 'em with a Krag
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Thanks guys, he liked it, I didn't tell him about the coin thing as it was so chaotic. I can't wait till my girls get old enough to start getting their own.
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