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Well this habit started due to Bob Connell (Bobcat). Thanks! On his first antelope hunt with me Bob was kind enough to tip me his handmade Bill Middlebrook, ever since I have been hooked on custom handmade knives.

Here is a pic of the Bill Middlebrook with giraffe bone handle, I had the custom sheath built by Mike Henry. Its a heck of knife and has been used to skin many animals.

The second handmade I bought was actually a gift to my wife. It is a Tony Huffman with some fine file work on the spine. She carries this daily.

The third knife is a Gene Ingram I bought brand new off a forum and avoided the 5 year waiting list.

My latest knife is a Brett Dowel that I had him build. I just got this knife and have not used it but it sure is nice and pretty, including the mammoth ivory handle. I plan to carry this daily on the ranch.

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Impressive Knives, Jeremy.

I too have been positively influenced by Bob w/ Middlebrook's "oldschool" handmade custom knives. Just picked up my second at this year's TPP Rendezvous, it a skinner that will be used & abused.

Hell of a gift from Bob, BTW...

"A Lone Hunter is the Best Hunter..."
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very nice collection.
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Pretty Darn NICE!
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