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Fillet knife

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14 February 2009, 07:42
Fillet knife
Ok men what is a good fillet knife to get that wont break the bank. Gonna get back into pan fishing with the grandkids this summer and I"m ready for some fish fries. Thanks Boon

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15 February 2009, 21:16
After buying just about every fillet knife in the knife shop, the owner finally came up to me and said, you bought all of the most expensive knives I have now here is the best. He handed me a Mundial and a Dexter. Both under $10.00 and both excellent fillet knives. Hold an edge and take an edge well.
Here's the Mundial for under $10.00

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16 February 2009, 22:19
Boon---For over 30 years I have been using the Rappala fillet knives. My wife uses them in the kitchen daily. Every once in awhile I sharpen them and they are good to go. These knives have a blond wood handle and use to come with a leather sheath( probably still do). They make several sizes. We have the small (think 4 inch) and the next which I think is 6 inch and I have a larger one. Mostly we fillet crappie when used on fish. They are inexpensive and well worth their cost.
17 February 2009, 05:43
I thank you Foxfire and Carpetman for the good info. There is nothing worse than a knife that wont hold an edge or takes long to give an edge.

Ecclesiastes 10:2 (NIV)

“The heart of the wise inclines to the right,
but the heart of the fool to the left.”

When the SHTF he with the most lead will retain the most gold!
17 February 2009, 10:50
Use Enough Gun
Just can't beat the good old Rapala fillet knife with the birch handle. Like carpetman I have been using them for close to 35 years and still have the originals (three). Razor sharp and easy to use, as the blades are flexible and making filleting effortless. Good luck with the grandkids and the panfishing. Smiler
17 February 2009, 17:33
Michael A. Glass
Northwoods Knives makes 3 different lengths. I have used the shorter for panfish and bass and are excellent. Come w/a beautiful hardwood handle and very usable sheath. I've also used this knife to field dress deer (stuck the wrong one in my pack in the dark). CAUTION; if married, buy 2!! I had to!!

The midlength blade is perfect for pike-sized fish (great for "un-zipping" pike). The blades on these knives are supple and high quality. They hold, and take, a great edge (good quality stainless).
Not sure what they cost now, but call Dave at (906) 789-1420 and talk knives (and guns too).

My 1 oz. weights are still bouncing off the 2' of ice up here, so fishing will have to wait a bit.

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18 February 2009, 00:55
Michael Glass---Back in early 70's there was a kid lived down the street from us on Holloman Air Force base in New Mexico named Michael Glass--could that have been you?
19 February 2009, 17:55
Michael A. Glass
Sorry, Carpetman,
Must be a different Mike Glass. I've lived in the northern US all my life (after escaping from New York, City shortly after birth).
Stipulations of the witness protection program prevent me from commenting further Smiler>.
Good luck finding your friend.

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26 February 2009, 05:58
Rapalas are great. I also like the Buck's in various sizes.
17 March 2009, 05:40
ted thorn
Sorry guys I clean hundreds to thousands of panfish per year...the Mr.Twister electric is the only knife I use now after using all the rest...manual and electric.

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03 April 2009, 07:19
Rapalas are pretty good. I also like the Bucks.
08 April 2009, 12:39
Like most everyone else here it seems, when I have a bunch of fish to clean I grab a handfull of knives. I like the rapalas, but for some reason right now all the other fillet knives I have are folders. The handle on my buck fillet is the most substantially made one but the normark folder handle is easier to grip for me, even though it seems like a flimsier handle. One knife I use a LOT is one of the pocket knife fishermen pattern:

This is a great knife to have when actually fishing with kids. When fishing with worms and stuff, you use the hook disgorger all the time as the kids often don't do anything until the fish swallows the bait and swims away. And don't forget the most important feature- a bottle opener!

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15 April 2009, 02:31
Rapala use it in the kitchen and also when fishing. Great knive

Sauer and Zeiss, perfect match.
17 July 2009, 21:16
Ted Thorn speaks with great wisdom here,
I too clean lots of panfish and the ONLY way to go is the MR Twister Electric. The rechargeable Rapala one that costs 4 times as much is almost as good, but if you have electricity available the only way to go is with the electrics.

Anyone who recomends anything else either:
A:hasn't tried an electric
B:doesn't clean very many fish or
C: has no electricity available

Once you try an electric I would bet you would never consider getting out anything else when it is time to clean a mess O fish. I have shown dozens and dozens of people how to use one over the years and pretty well everyone was amazed at how easy and fast it made a pile of panfish into a bag of fillets. Quickly followed by a "where the hell can I buy one of those?" questions.
The 16 or 18 bucks it takes to pickup one at walmart is money very, very well spent.Trust me you won't regret it.
20 July 2009, 06:59
My late father and I used 6" Rapalas since 1969. We cleaned hundreds of crappie and bass and I don't remember ever sharpening them...maybe dad sharpened them??? Finest fillet knife I've ever used. I like it better than my newer Rapala electric for crappie.
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