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Helle knives ?

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26 October 2006, 02:40
Helle knives ?
Was looking to purchase a hunting knife. Either a fallkniven h-1 or cold steel master hunter. Then I saw a post about Helle knives. With my limited knowledge about knives just wanted to know if anyone had any experience with them. Plus they seemed to be priced considerably lower than most.
26 October 2006, 05:21
My first knife was a Helle [1940s] before I hardly could use one ! Recently I bought a Helle blade and put a handle on it .This is a laminated stainless steel blade.The steel is perhaps not quite as good as a Falkniven [I have an S-1] and perhaps not as well made.The CS stainless Master Hunter is made of AUS-8 as is a very practical knife.I've used one for years. So it depends on what you're looking for , steel,quality,cost ,etc.Fallkniven quality and steel is the best, Helle steel second ,CS MH and Helle quality about the same. Take your pick ! Confused
26 October 2006, 07:04
Originally posted by afro:
Was looking to purchase a hunting knife. Either a fallkniven h-1 or cold steel master hunter. Then I saw a post about Helle knives. With my limited knowledge about knives just wanted to know if anyone had any experience with them. Plus they seemed to be priced considerably lower than most.

First of all I think that Fallknivens can be recommended without reservations. They are excellent knives. I'm partial to the F-1 and have used it in the field on Elk and Deer for several years.
Recently I've become somewhat enamored of the Helle knives and bought several to try. I haven't used them in the field yet so the jury is still out but the steel seems to be very good. If you aren't particularly adept with a sharpening stone, the "Scandi Grind" of the Helle's is easier to sharpen than the convex grind of the Fallkniven's. My favorite thing about the Helle's is simply their feel in hand. Something about the feel of wood being much better than rubber, plastic and steel. If I were to recommend 1 to buy first it would probably be the "Eggen". Good blade shape and size for hunting and it's one of thier lesser expensive versions.
I would think that the Fallkniven would be a sturdier "survival" type knive with its heavier construction and full tang. The Helle feels "warmer" and better in hand. Blood would probably be easier to clean off the Fallkniven than the wooden Helle but I plan to test the Helle to see, no prob with the Fallkniven.
The Cold Steel Master Hunter is an excellent low priced knife but to me the Fallkniven is nicer in every way. I used a CS Master Hunter for years before I started using my Fallkniven and wouldn't go back unless for some necessity.

If you want a sure thing buy the Fallkniven if you have $50-$75 to play with try a Helle..............DJ

....Remember that this is all supposed to be for fun!..................
26 October 2006, 07:10
Oh and here are 3 places I've bought Helle knives from. All treated me well:

good luck!.............DJ

....Remember that this is all supposed to be for fun!..................
27 October 2006, 20:19
I have the Fallkniven A1, H1, F1 and F2. They are really nice knives. The H1 doesn't have a guard but the grip is fat and comfortable to use. The newer made knives are a VG10 laminate that's supposed to be 20% stronger than the older solid VG10 blades. They have a Krydex sheath available now to.

I had a CS Master Hunter with SS (AUS-8) blade. It was a good, strong knife. The blade is quite thick, maybe 1/4", and wide. I didn't like it that much for dressing an animal out. It's not as nice a knife a Fallkniven, but a lot less money. I gave it away.

The Helle knives look good and are reasonably priced. I would like to get one to try out.

You might also look at Knives of Alaska products. They are quite popular around here. I have the "Yukon" model, as do two of my friends. The D2 steel holds an edge very well. It will stay sharp enough to do two elk before needing sharpening again.
28 October 2006, 04:28
I have a f-1 and a new cold steel master hunter san mai III , I prefer the f-1 . The cold steel was dull after one mule deer, what a piece of @#*!!@*##^%
29 October 2006, 06:12
Thank's everyone for the suggestions. I'm probably going to start out and purchase the Helle "Eggen" model.
08 December 2008, 14:11
The "Symfoni" is a great model.
17 January 2009, 03:28
Originally posted by ozhunter:
The "Symfoni" is a great model.

The helle you say, and you get music with one and eggs with another? Don't need to eggen me on anymore....I'll take one... jumping

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Theodore Roosevelt
17 February 2009, 17:51
Michael A. Glass
A friend took a Helle knife on our 10 day canoe trip to the Boundary Waters in Minn. He bought it because it "looked cool" (give you an idea of his blade knowledge???).
Well... he literally beat the CRAP out of this knife by trying to split kindling with it. Also tried sticking it in a few trees and playing mumbly-peg in the rocky soil. Eventually, I thought, he'll break his new toy and put the pieces away.
At the end of the trip I checked this poor knife out and was amazed at what good shape it was in after abuse and whittling a thousand toothpicks!!! I'm not an expert, but am a serious "knife guy". I was really impressed with how much abuse this knife could take and keep a good edge (still looked good, too).
I guess I'd give Helle knives a good recommendation by proxy. I would NOT hesitate to buy and USE one.
BTW, that guy ain't going canoeing w/me again.

Si vis pacem... parabellum
19 February 2009, 04:18
Pete E
I have a Fallkniven F1 and can highly recommend it. Out of the box, it was by far the sharpest knife I've ever owned, to thepoint of being scary sharp.

I've handled a few Helle knives, but don't particularly like their styling and I've been told that often the blades are very hard...

If anybody is looking for an inexpenive but highly functional fixed blade knife, its difficult to go wrong with a $15 Frosts Mora "Clipper"

Available in a variety of colours including the Hi Viz Orange and either a tri-laminated SS or carbon steel blade...These have an excellent reputaion with stalkers herein the UK and most seem to have one or two knocking about in their kit..

Men of Harlech
29 March 2009, 16:50
I have a ton of Moras and Helles they are great knives. I am teaching myself knivemaking and working on some Puukko designed knives similar to these.

I have a lot of folders, and they are handy, but while hunting I would rather pack a Mora or Helle Pukko than anything.

Yes they are both scary sharp!
29 March 2009, 17:06
Steve Latham
I have many of the scandinavian made blades all seem to keep fairly banzai sharp, for a heavier larger knife I favour the Harsey hunter from Gerber (USA made not anywheres else) for general work with bunnies/string etc I keep a few buck knives wave
08 April 2009, 20:38
Don Slater
Check out the Enzo trapper in D-2 steel.
Helle can't compare to the Enzo line!
04 June 2009, 07:41
Head Trauma
The Helle Eggen is a very nice, simple knife, it comes to you very,very sharp, laminated blade, excellent value.

I have a Fallkniven PH1. It is a work of art, built like a tank. Kinda pricey, shop around as the prices vary quite a bit.
10 July 2009, 02:26
I've been using a Helle Eggen for about 4 years now, i've skinned and quartered 2 bull moose with it before I had to put a stone to it. I find it a very practical knife and easy to sharpen. I would most definitley buy another should I break mine.

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