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2020 shot show

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10 February 2020, 04:59
2020 shot show
Has anyone been watching the videos from the 2020 shot show? I remember seeing dozens of USA made knives that were copied on Aliexpress (china) a few years ago. Now they are all gone. So what happened?

The chinese got smart?? ya think or did pressure from the USA stop them from making copy (not a chance)

We, Civivi, CJRB, JE, Artisan, Reate, and many more are now making original designs or working with custom designers to make original knives.

Instead of selling $50 benchmade copies they are selling $250 knives. Very smart on their part.

Since most of the big names are selling knives made in china anyway does it matter?
18 February 2020, 18:26
Jerry Fisk
I, for one am getting ripped by chinese on the production side. China now owns Camillus so they have made some OVB senderis. I get paid nothing.

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