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A Desert Ironwood Christmas, Bird and Trout knife added

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05 December 2017, 08:15
Lee Baumgart
A Desert Ironwood Christmas, Bird and Trout knife added
Here's a quick photo of a couple of knives that are being wrapped up and will go in the mail in time to go underneath a tree. Handles are high contrast Desert Ironwood, blades are CPM154. The knife on the left is my Semi-Skinner. The one on the right is my Drop Point Hunter.

Thanks for looking,

05 December 2017, 18:49
Texas Killartist
Pretty work Lee .

Now, he’ll get an understanding about Rockwell hardness !

I know it’s not PC, but I do not care !

Everyone have a Merry Christmas .
05 December 2017, 19:31
Very well done, beautiful handles.
06 December 2017, 03:16
Von Gruff
The desert ironwood is one of the nicest of handle woods and those two are a very good reason why.

Von Gruff.

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06 December 2017, 05:19
Jerry Fisk
You did good Lee.

Keep the Pointy end away from you
06 December 2017, 19:12
I am a big fan of desert ironwood and those are mighty fine.


12 December 2017, 07:26
Nice, Lee! Love those handles on them.
14 December 2017, 01:44
I MAY have to order one of those, Lee? I used your semi-skinner model on an Axis deer in Sept. in TX, deboning it @ the ranch. Worked great and kept it's edge / MOST importantly.

Then, late in November, I had to use it again on an IL whitetail. Even after cutting it up, the edge was still was feeling good - after all that time & effort on my part - and the Baumgart knife...!

Good materials and a good craftsman add up to a quality knife. One can do no better / I know!

Thanks Lee! Keep up the fine work.

Merry Christmas to all on AR...!
14 December 2017, 17:19
Schrodinger's Cat
Lee, that’s as fine as looking Desert Ironeood as I’ve seen. To any considering buying one of his knives, I own one and can attest as to the quality. I have the semi-skinner and it balances perfectly in the hand.

It’s kind of the golden age of knives. Even a lot of factory knives are damn good, but after years of fiddling with knives, I have to say: Lee’s knives are the equal of some of the best. I think this is particularly true in that he puts a guard on his knives: An additional step that takes real skill to execute properly.
15 December 2017, 01:43
I agree with Schrodinger's Cat. Lee makes some of the nicest knives around. I have three of his. One of each, if you will, Semi Skinner, Drop Point Hunter, and a Bird and Trout knife. They are all exceptional blades.


"Peace is that brief glorious moment in history, when everybody stands around reloading" -- Thomas Jefferson
15 December 2017, 06:20
Lee Baumgart

Thank you for all your comments.

May everyone have a wonderful Holiday Season!

15 December 2017, 23:19
I have a question about pins vs bolts.

Those pins look very nice on those handles. But how much do they hold, or rather,I should say, what is their holding mechanism as opposed to say a Loveless style bolt?
25 December 2017, 02:52
The pictures don't do the knives justice! I could not be more pleased with the quality of the knives. Looking forward to a bird and trout. Lee, excellent work!
29 January 2018, 01:08
Lee Baumgart
And here's the Caping/ Bird and Trout knife to complete the set.

Thanks for looking,