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Lee Baumgart Pair

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30 July 2015, 00:05
Lee Baumgart Pair
Some time ago, I asked Geedubya about his knives and the various makers. He was kind enough to send me a great PM showing me various knives he had and the makers. I am grateful to Geedubya. He provided me with a wealth of information.

I ended up contacting Lee Baumgart about ordering one of his semi-skinners. Lee is wonderful to work with and was very responsive. One of the things I asked Lee was if he would consider making me a knife with the wood supplied by me. After a guick, "Sure, send it to me." I could not decide which style of knife I wanted. Consequently, I ended up ordering two. I ordered a drop point hunter and a semi-skinner. I sent Lee a block of Missouri walnut I got from my place in southwest Missouri and a piece of Honduran Chechen I had from a couple of other projects.

A few weeks later (seemed like a lifetime because of the anticipation), I had the two knives in hand. They were beautiful, to say the least.

This last week I had a chance to actually use them on a hunt I had with Crazyhorseconsulting. They worked as well as they were good looking.

Here are the pictures. All I can say is thanks to Lee for the great knives and craftsmanship. You will notice that the drop point is stained. That is because I just finished skinning the pig and just wiped it off.


Walnut scales

Chechen scales

Both together


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30 July 2015, 07:47
Lee Baumgart

You are very welcome and thank you very much for taking the time to post.

The one thing I enjoy about this hobby beyond making something useful is the people I come in contact with; people like yourself, Geedubya, ZekeShikar, Use Enough Gun, and many, many others.

I really enjoyed making your knives, especially the knife handled with the walnut from your place. I hope they serve you well and that you get a lot of use out of them!

Once again, thank you.

30 July 2015, 19:23

Good looking pair. I'm sure you will enjoy each one. From my experience, carbon steel knives will stain and get a patina with use/age. IMHO it adds character and memories.

Just think Lee,

100 years from now somebody may pick up one or both of those knives and say. Lee Baumgart, wonder who he was. Or even, Lee Baumgart, boy did he make some fine stuff. Your link to immortality, and much cheaper and less hassle than children. LOL



PS: Years ago there was a saying, support live music, hire live musicians. I very much enjoy being able to invest in the success of folks that come here and share their knowledge and works of art.
31 July 2015, 00:13
Lee, thanks again. I can't say enough about them.

Geedubya, I don't know about 100 years from now, but my hunting partner daughter certainly knows who Lee is. As soon as I got home I heard "Daddy (the sure way I know I am in trouble) since you didn't get to use the one knife, does that mean I can have it?" The quick answer was "Not in this lifetime". Luckily she said she could wait. Smiler

Thanks again to you both!


"Peace is that brief glorious moment in history, when everybody stands around reloading" -- Thomas Jefferson
11 August 2015, 02:07
What a beautiful pair of knives! You, larrys, have every right to be a very proud owner.

Well done Lee.


PS: My wife thinks I should provide a small drop point for each of my 4 sons-in law. Perhaps she's right.
17 August 2015, 10:30
Use Enough Gun
Agreed! tu2