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Emerson knives

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28 March 2010, 11:34
Emerson knives
Hi guys, I'm looking for a new knife to replace a lost Benchmade. I had an Emerson about 15 years ago that was a great knife, but lost it somewhere in Bosnia. What I need to know is are Emersons still as good as they used to be?
07 July 2010, 10:22
The Metalsmith
Yes Emerson knives are still every bit as good as they used to be. I've carried a full length commander with me every day for over a year now, everywhere from work, to hunting, to using it as a boat knife back in Alaska. It's tough, simple and handles great. I collect benchmade knives and own quite a few, but the emerson gets used typically more than any other knife. I'd highly recommend them! Plus they sink into your hand much better for some reason. I had to cut the hell out of a halibut to remove a hook that sunk through it's jaw, and the Emerson didn't slip despite having that 120lb creature thrashing around!

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