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Roger Bergh Wild ass knife

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25 February 2010, 06:09
Roger Bergh Wild ass knife
I just noticed this forum. Here's a knife I bought a coupla-three years ago. The pics and description are from a site, not mine........but the knife is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blade: Two bar composite Damascus blade forged to shape from 20C and 15N20 carbon steels
Bolster: 18k gold fittings
Handle: Siberian mammoth ivory, sunken oak, and a fossil walrus ivory artifact fire starter from St. Lawrence Island

18k gold surrounds fossil Siberian mammoth ivory bark with deep blue tones. This is offset with cross-cut mammoth ivory. The firestarter at the rear of the handle is an Inuit artifact created in the 1800s from fossil walrus ivory. The hole is from making fire from friction. It comes from St. Lawrence Island. The oak spacer and false tang was recovered from a shipwreck that sunk over 300 years ago. This wood has a unique texture that is not found anywhere else. The mosaic Damascus blade is a two-bar composite. The edge has been forged into a firecracker pattern from 20C and 15N20 carbon steels

25 February 2010, 06:49
Thanks for sharing , That knife is just stunning!!!!

25 February 2010, 07:21
That knife is too damn pretty. I couldn't bring myself to open a letter with that baby. lol
25 February 2010, 08:06
A beautiful knife specimen.
How much would it take for you to part from it?

God Bless Texas A&M
26 February 2010, 03:38
Use Enough Gun
A beautiful knife with some interesting history as to its parts!
27 February 2010, 08:12
John Frederick
History and beauty, excellent combination. tu2
27 February 2010, 21:38
Originally posted by John Frederick:
History and beauty, excellent combination. tu2

Yeah, I'll never get rid of it. Hell, even the wife think's it's "neat," b/c of it's uniqueness.