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19 June 2010, 00:28
boom stick
Ya gotta see this thread

577 BME 3"500 KILL ALL 358 GREMLIN 404-375

*we band of 45-70ers* (Founder)
Single Shot Shooters Society S.S.S.S. (Founder)
08 July 2010, 09:57
Don Slater
Jesus Chriminey man. What the hell value is the second amendment?

Politcians (All parties) and the dumb ass butt wipes who keep electing them are traitors!

So, just what the hell are you, or anyone else for that matter, going to use guns to do?

I'm afraid I agree with the attitude of the nigger panther from Philly. The only good liberal is a dead one.

So, unless you are seriously contemplating a real war over the issues, much like the civil war, your posturing is a joke! No, I don't want to piss any of them off...I want to execute them
for treason!

136 views and only one comment. GET MY POINT?
01 August 2010, 01:50
A page link to a page with more page links. WTF?

"Speak softly and carry a big stick." -- T. Roosevelt