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Over the Campfire

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27 July 2015, 03:25
Over the Campfire
That's how I forged it with manzanita wood and coal...saw blade and redwood...

It will bend 45 and go back straight and not chip when chopping dry sun cure Pacific yew wood.

27 July 2015, 04:30
Use Enough Gun
28 July 2015, 06:51
There is something primordial about a forged carbon steel blade that stirs my soul, and I do luv the warmth of wood.

If you've a mind, as many details as you would care to share.


29 July 2015, 10:14
see above...

basically as rustic a forge as you could get with coal chunk and manzanita blocks to heat..old mill saw blade steel ...

...the metal and my laziness made the design cause I did it all with hammers and files no electricity.