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Making knife from wrench.....

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07 August 2015, 19:34
Making knife from wrench.....
....way beyond my skill level but interesting.

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I have come to understand that in hunting, the goal is not the goal but the process.
07 August 2015, 20:03
That's awesome!
07 August 2015, 23:22
Wow! That was cool.

(the trailer of the MERU movie that popped up first was just as cool)

08 August 2015, 07:38
Grizzly Adams
Originally posted by Gatogordo:
....way beyond my skill level but interesting.

Come on now, it's a simple forging job, just the fact that it was a wrench makes it interesting. Smiler

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08 August 2015, 16:09
p dog shooter
Come on now, it's a simple forging job, just the fact that it was a wrench makes it interesting.

Exactly right

I would have been a lot more impressed if he had made a wrench of a knife.

Having made knifes and forged some tools it really is not that hard.

One just need the imagination and the willingness to do so.

The hard part is making master pieces.

This also shows how reticules the stupid I am going to ban edge weapons laws are.

Give me a grinder and almost any reasonably sized piece of steel and I'll make a very useful and deadly weapon in a few hours if not less.

Might not be able to skin 5 pigs with out dulling but it well slice chop and hack very well for a bit.

But when I can walk into wally world and buy decent knifes for around 30 bucks

Why bother.

This stuff is interesting and fun but it isn't worth my time doing.
09 August 2015, 04:19
that was cool.
09 August 2015, 23:58
Jerry Fisk
That guy copies Logan Pearce.
That is his facebook page.

Keep the Pointy end away from you
10 August 2015, 04:45
p dog shooter
Jerry he does has some nice stuff there
10 August 2015, 11:44
Jerry Fisk
P dog, yes he makes some interesting pieces. Everything from rebar, wrenches and horse shoe knives to fine quality silver filagree daggers with more than a thousand pieces to it.

Keep the Pointy end away from you